Best Tech Newsletters in 2022

People are regularly subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters to seek one they enjoy. It is challenging to keep up with the changes in the technological world, which is constantly evolving. For example, you want to send out current, helpful newsletters and not sleep your prospects! What any user finds attractive is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer in-depth information on specific topics, while others prefer a summary of technological advancements. However, to make your search easier, here is a list of the 10 best tech newsletters to subscribe to in 2022!

Benedict’s Newsletter

Benedict Evans, a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, assembles a weekly summary of exciting news. This email contains the most recent technology news and Benedict Evans' analysis, opinions, and recommended rationale. Benedict Evans' free newsletter does an excellent job of compiling the most recent articles from the fields of tech, efficiency, invention, equipment, machine learning, AR & VR, and a variety of other topics that you will discover after signing up.

Exponential View

Azeem Azhar carefully crafted this weekly newsletter, which gathers the best new research papers and technological studies from across the online platform. "Short Morsels to Appear Smart at Dinner Parties," which has a good tinge of comedy, is one of the most popular sections. The Exponential View delves deeply into exponential technologies. As a result, you'll gain a wealth of information about the future and how it's shaping up right now. It provides a summary to simplify things, following a steady curated structure with lists of links culled from organizations and news sites.

Bizzaro Devs

The author's interest in technology and anomalies led to this free newsletter. Bizarro Devs provides a collection of articles, resources, and websites that aren't typically found in mainstream publications. Don't worry if you're not a programmer; it includes links that non-coders will appreciate as well. Even though it says "devs," it isn't just for developers; you'll enjoy this newsletter because it covers a wide range of topics while remaining technically focused. Every Thursday, Bizarro Devs publishes a new episode. Consider signing up for this newsletter if you're looking for unusual, innovative, and intriguing news for devs and non-developers alike.


TLDR is marketed as a "byte-sized" editorial solution for busy tech fans. TLDR is the newsletter for you if you really want to keep up with all of the news headlines without feeling overwhelmed. It gives you a general idea of what's going on without getting into too much detail. Anyone interested in technology should subscribe to this newsletter. The email is not only easy to read, but it also contains a wealth of information, resources, and cutting-edge technology ties. Because TLDR focuses solely on technology, it is rarely mixed in with other news items (unless they are somewhat related).


Tech Crunch provides a plethora of technology newsletters. There is a newsletter for every topic you could potentially need to keep up with technology news, divided into sections such as start-ups, space, transportation, and big headlines.


Signing up for CB Insight's newsletter allows readers to "stay a big step ahead on trends in technology, venture capital, start-ups, and the companies of tomorrow." It also uses tweets, screenshots, and infographics to communicate with its readers.

The Hustle

The Hustle takes a softer approach to tech news, sharing stories about business, technology, and culture in a more playful tone. The information is more delicate in technology terms, but the writers make excellent connections between the complex narratives and the fun element.

Dense Discovery 

Kai Branch of Melbourne and Berlin curated the exhibition. This newsletter helps to bring you interesting articles each week, as well as insightful Tweets and GIFs of the week. Every issue also includes an exhibition of cool instruments, products, and books. It's weekly and free, and there's something for everyone here, from cool sites to amazing tools to homewares.


Another of the things we expect from the top tech newsletters is that they will help us find cool new things to play with, which is where comes in. A better or more simplistic IT newsletter could not be found by web designers. Although there may be an occasional link that is not related to the main topic, this newsletter is primarily for UI designers, CSSers, typographers, and so on.

The Futurist

This newsletter will help you keep up with all the news for the future. The topics are technologies, trends, professions of the future, discoveries, and many other things that will shape your life in years to come. And the best part is that you will receive the information synthesized every day.